Hello everyone, 

We are excited to announce the launch of GreenTree Animal Hospital’s ONLINE PHARMACY!

We have been working diligently to establish this pharmacy with you and your pet in mind.  We were inspired to create our own pharmacy because we are constantly learning of counterfeit, expired, and improperly stored medications being distributed by other online pharmacies.  We have also encountered numerous errors on the part of these pharmacies resulting in additional risks to your pet.   When medications are filled by outside pharmacies the medication’s safety, efficacy and authenticity are not guaranteed by us, and in some cases, are not guaranteed by the drug manufacturer either.

We realize that when you shop online that is usually driven by 2 factors – Convenience and Price.   

We are now able to offer our clients the convenience of ordering medication online when it is best for them.  The store is always open, even when the clinic is not!  The ordering process is simple, and we are usually able to authorize a prescription request within 24 hours of submission.  Once approved, the medication will be mailed directly to you with minimal to no shipping fees in 3-5 business days. 

Unfortunately, being a local small business, we may not always be able to compete with other online pharmacies when it comes to pricing.  Often, they are selling products at a loss because their primary goal is controlling the online market not what is best for your pet.  Our online pharmacy allows us to offer manufacturers’ rebates and some can even be applied to your total as an instant discount saving you money.     

When you purchase through from our online pharmacy, your pet will be receiving a safe, guaranteed, unexpired, appropriate dose of medication, just like you would if we were handing it to you directly in the clinic.  We hope this assurance gives you peace of mind and will encourage you to choose our online pharmacy.  

We do recommend registering your pets with the store, even if you do not initially plan to purchase medications, as it allows the doctors to place recommended medication in your cart should the need arise.  You are never obligated to purchase the medication placed in your cart, but it will be there if you do decide to order. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.   Your pet’s health and safety are our highest priorities.  


Dr. Laura Brown