Fall is a favorite time of year for many of us. The cooler weather, the changing leaves, and Halloween are just a few of the highlights! Our pets often enjoy this season too, as the cooler weather brings them relief from the heat of summer. Yet, despite all the wonders of fall, there are some dangers this season brings for our furry companions! At GreenTree Animal Hospital, your pet’s health is our top priority year-round, whether they’re in our clinic or home with you! That’s why we’ve created our fall pet safety tips to help you keep your pet safe and out of trouble this season!

Our Pet Safety Tips for Fall

  • Be cautious when using rodenticides. Critters like mice and rats are more likely to try and seek shelter in your warm home and garage as the weather cools down. While rodenticides can be effective in keeping them out, they can also be a danger for your pets! When using rodenticides, place them well out of paws’ reach. If possible, use pet-safe alternatives for even more peace of mind!

  • Steer clear of mushrooms. Mushrooms often pop up in this cooler weather, and any curious pup may want to sniff them out, and even take a nibble. While most are harmless, some varieties are highly toxic, and it can be very difficult to tell the difference between what is safe and what isn’t. Therefore, it’s best to avoid them entirely!

  • Watch for signs of allergies. Autumn often means more allergies for us and sensitive pets, too! Watch for signs of allergies including excessive scratching, overgrooming, hair loss, and other skin conditions. Make an appointment with your vet if you think your pet might have allergies, and we can work on getting them relief!

  • Keep up with parasite prevention. Despite the cooler weather, fleas and ticks are still active! While fleas can’t survive the cold weather, they can make their way into your home and take up residence there! Meanwhile, ticks can be active in weather as cold as 35 degrees Fahrenheit! Keep up your pet’s parasite prevention all year round to ensure their protection.

  • Beware of Halloween costumes. Being in costume is a great way to express your Halloween spirit, but keep in mind that in a costume, your appearance, shape, and even your smell changes, making it more difficult for your pet to recognize you. If you notice your pet is shying away from you or other family members in costume, it may be a good idea to give them their own space to relax, such as a quiet back room.

  • Make sure your pet’s costume fits them appropriately. Putting your pet in a costume is downright adorable, but it’s essential your make sure it fits properly. If the costume restricts your pet’s movement, constricts their airways, or hinders their vision, don’t let them wear it. Furthermore, not all pets enjoy being dressed up. If your pet seems uncomfortable or stressed, don’t force it. Remove the costume and let them enjoy the holiday in their birthday suit!

  • Supervise pets around décor. Halloween decorations are one of the best parts about the holiday, but make sure your pet is supervised while around them! Flickering candles or jack-o’-lanterns can attract cats and curious dogs, putting them at risk of burns, or even causing a fire. Other decorations such as fake spiderwebs, animatronics, and anything small enough to fit in your pet’s mouth can all cause problems as well, so keep them out of paws’ reach and always watch your pet when they’re around them!

  • Protect your black cat. As unfortunate as it is, due to the superstitious nature that surrounds them, black cats can sometimes be the victims of pranks or cruel behavior on and around Halloween. If you have a black cat, keep them indoors around Halloween time so they can remain safe with you through the holiday!

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