Mundelein Area Vets Provide Personal Pet Care

If you’re a proud dog or cat owner in the Mundelein area, bring them to GreenTree Animal Hospital for their next checkup. Why? Because we have a team of skilled Mundelein area vets at the ready every day to provide them with high-quality medical care. Whether you’ll be bringing your pet in for a checkup or an x-ray, they will receive friendly, professional and compassionate care. As an owner, you will also have every question and concern about your furry friend addressed.

But, that’s not all. Our Mundelein area vets will tailor each pet’s care to their individual and personal needs. We at GreenTree Animal Hospital feel this is our way of going the extra mile for your pet’s treatment. Why should we try to give each pet the same medical care? No two pets are the same.

When you bring your dog or cat to GreenTree Animal Hospital, they will become a part of our family. Join us today!

Mundelein Vets

Our Services

GreenTree Animal Hospital provides many services for your pets. Here’s the kind of care they will receive from our Mundelein area vets:

  • Life stage wellness for pets: This is when we check your dogs and cats of all ages for any problems or abnormalities with a nose-to-tail exam. Vaccinations will be administered, and we are here to help sick pets, too.
  • Diagnostic and imaging services: GreenTree Animal Hospital has many tools at their disposal for diagnosing pets, such as x-rays and ultrasounds. We also have an in-house laboratory for routine and diagnostic bloodwork.
  • Pet dental care: Just as humans have to visit the dentist, pets do, too. Our Mundelein area vets provide many dental services for them, including teeth cleanings and examinations.
  • Pet surgery: GreenTree Animal Hospital is equipped to provide various surgical procedures to your furry friends if they are ever needed.
  • Pain relief: For those pets in chronic pain, we have relief available in the form of laser therapy.
  • Pet nutritional services: This is when we help you, the owners, with putting together a healthy diet for your best friend that fits with their lifestyle.

In addition to traditional medical care, GreenTree Animal Hospital has puppy socialization classes available, as well as pet behavior training.

If you’re in the Mundelein area and want to bring your pet to GreenTree Animal Hospital, contact us at (847) 680-6543 for an appointment.