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Podcasts by Dr. Laura Brown

Our owner and veterinarian, Dr. Laura Brown, works with Polly ReQua of Bark n Wag 15-Minute Vet Talk to bring important pet topics to you.

To hear the latest podcasts by Dr. Laura Brown, view the following topics:

#1:  Learn more on the benefits of fish oil supplements for your dog with Dr. Laura Brown
Released on Mar. 26, 2017

#5:  Want the skinny on spaying or neutering your pet? Dr. Laura Brown discusses this topic.
Released on Feb. 27, 2017

#13:  Keep your BFF safe over the Holidays with these tips…..
Released on Dec. 24, 2016

#16:  Gross! My dog is scooting! What are anal glands?
Released on Nov. 22, 2016

#19:  Veterinarians tips on protecting your dogs nose and paws this winter.
Released on Oct. 30, 2016

#26:  Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss what to do if your dog is quilled by a porcupine?
Released on Aug. 26, 2016

#29:  Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss first aid for your pet
Released on Jul. 23, 2016

#33:  Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss helpful tips when giving your pet medication. 
Released on Jun. 20, 2016

#36:  Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss ticks.
Released on May 23, 2016

#38:  Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss pet dental health.
Released on May 04, 2016

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Podcasts by
Dr. Laura Brown