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Our owner and veterinarian, Dr. Laura Brown, works with Polly ReQua of Bark n Wag 15-Minute Vet Talk to bring important pet topics to you.

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Learn more on the benefits of fish oil supplements for your dog with Dr. Laura Brown
Released on Mar. 26, 2017


Want the skinny on spaying or neutering your pet? Dr. Laura Brown discusses this topic.
Released on Feb. 27, 2017


Keep your BFF safe over the Holidays with these tips…..
Released on Dec. 24, 2016


Gross! My dog is scooting! What are anal glands?
Released on Nov. 22, 2016


Veterinarians tips on protecting your dogs nose and paws this winter.
Released on Oct. 30, 2016

Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss what to do if your dog is quilled by a porcupine?
Released on Aug. 26, 2016


Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss first aid for your pet
Released on Jul. 23, 2016


Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss helpful tips when giving your pet medication. 
Released on Jun. 20, 2016


Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss ticks.
Released on May 23, 2016


Dr. Laura Brown & Polly discuss pet dental health.
Released on May 04, 2016

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