Our Lake Bluff Veterinarians Love Pets

At GreenTree Animal Hospital, we’ve seen generations of families come in with their pets. This means our veterinarians near Lake Bluff have gotten to know and be a part of these families’ lives. Being a part of the lives of these families and their pets makes them care even more for every pet that comes through our doors. It’s important to all of us at GreenTree Animal Hospital to always build personal relationships with dogs, cats, and their owners, too.

Our veterinarians near Lake Bluff not only try to build a bond with your family pet, but provide them with a variety of veterinary services. Along with that, their treatment is tailored towards their individual needs and personal lifestyle. If you have any questions or concerns along the way, don’t be afraid to make them known. When you come to GreenTree Animal Hospital, you are truly among family!

Lake Bluff Veterinarians

Our Veterinary Services

At GreenTree Animal Hospital, our veterinarians near Lake Bluff provide the following services for all pets:

  • Life stage wellness for pets, where depending on their age and lifestyle, will receive physical exams, vaccinations, and allow you to talk about their health
  • Diagnostic and imaging services in the form of an in-house laboratory for blood work, x-rays, and ultrasounds
  • Pet dental care, where we do a full exam and cat or dog teeth cleaning under anesthesia
  • Pet surgery, where we’re ready to perform various procedures if they are needed
  • Pain relief in the form of laser therapy, which helps dogs and cats relieve pain from inflammation or a chronic condition
  • Pet nutritional services, where we help owners give their furry friends a healthy, balanced diet that fits their age and lifestyle
  • Puppy socialization classes, as well as behavior training for all pets

If you want to bring your pet to GreenTree Animal Hospital, contact us at (847) 680-6543 for an appointment.