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We care about the experience cats have at our Libertyville animal hospital. We hold membership as a Cat Friendly Practice® and work as a Fear Free Certified Practice. Our doctors are Fear Free Certified but also our entire staff is educated on how to gently handle pets to ease anxiety. In conjunction with the International Society for Feline Medicine (ISFM), The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) set forth to elevate the care of cats by creating the Cat Friendly Practice® program. As a member hospital of AAFP, we’re proud of our designation as Cat Friendly, which indicates we’re equipped with the tools and knowledge to create a more pleasant veterinary experience for cats and owners.

What Being Cat Friendly Means

Specifics about what certification means for your feline friend include:

  • Anxious cats are immediately brought into an examination room.
  • We use pheromones in common areas to indicate familiarity.
  • Our staff uses soft voices and slow movements.
  • We use patience to give scared cats time to acclimate.

Transporting Your Cat to Us

Your cat and car rides may be an unwelcome combination. Still, regardless of how unlikely your cat is to embrace travel, there are steps you can take to ease transportation anxiety:

  • Set the carrier in areas your cat frequents weeks before the day of their visit.
  • Make the carrier inviting with blankets, toys, or treats.
  • Unhinge the top of the carrier if it allows for it.
  • Hours before the visit, refrain from feeding your cat to make them more receptive to treats during their service.
  • Spray pheromones in the carrier and car several minutes before the trip.
  • Consider covering the carrier with a towel to hide unusual sights during transport.

Some cats, especially older ones, are resistant to any changes in scenery. If all else fails and your cat has severe anxiety at the thought of trips to the vet, ask us about anti-anxiety medication. We look forward to treating and creating a fantastic experience for your feline friend. Schedule their wellness examination today.